For one of my support modules at University I chose to take the subject 'Packaging with Photography'. There was a selection of briefs to choose from, and I decided to go with 'creating packaging for a taboo product'. I chose this brief as I felt that it would allow me to create something fun and exciting. I seem to get the best results in terms of grades, when working on projects that I am having fun with, so I felt that this brief was the perfect choice. At the start of the brief, I was contemplating doing tampon packaging, but deciding I could make the condom packaging a little more fun. I took photos of fruit and vegetables with condoms on them, initially with the idea of just having flavoured condoms. The fruit and vegetables that worked the best were the banana, carrot, cucumber and chilli, and obviously the only one of those that would be appealing as a flavoured condom is the banana one. I then got the idea of making a range of condoms that had different 'properties'. Flavoured for the banana, glow in the dark for the carrot, and a cooling sensation for the cucumber. I decided not to use the chilli; I was initially going to have it as a warming sensation, but thought that the chilli might put people off incase it was too 'hot'. After having the final photographs taken, I used photoshop to edit the images and design the rest of the packaging. For the box, I used a pillow box and just added on a sleeve with all the details of the product on. I wanted to create memorable and witty names for the products, and after much thought decided to play with how many condoms the packet had in it. For boxes with only 1 condom, I used the term 'The Handy Single', for two I used 'The Perfect Two' and for three, 'The Threesome'. I had a lot of fun creating this packaging, and it really developed my skills as both a photographer and a designer. I learnt new skills on photoshop, and also learn an awful lot about what actually needs to be included on packaging, as we had to design them as if they were being sold in a shop.
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